Teachers and students of Preparatory School in Osięciny would like to invite students of primary and lower secondary schools to take part in
4th school contest -“Easter Cards”, which can be designed in MS PAINT  graphic editor.
The winners of the contest will be rewarded and the rewards will be sent by post.

 Regulations of the contest:
 1.Organiser: Preparatory School in Osięciny
 2.The aims:
 •use of information technology to foster Easter customs in our region,
 •popularization of IT among the students,
 •development of their skills and interests,
 3.Conditions of participation: (requirements)
 •there are three levels of the contest:
 I – primary schools (7-10), II – primary schools (10-12), III – preparatory schools    (13-16),
 •each school can submit an unlimited number of participants, cards should be   done in a presence of a teacher,
 •application should be sent by e-mail: , remember to add  some information: student’s name, class, teacher’s name, school address; in  enclosure please add the file JPG with the card.
 Criteria for evaluation:
 •students use computers to design their Easter cards,
 •they are not allowed to use ready-made elements, e.g. photos, scanned  illustrations, ClipArt’s; each element of the card must be designed by its author,
 •aesthetics of the design,
 •the level of technical advance in use of different graphic editors.
 •Students’ works must be sent to the organiser till 2nd April, 2007.
 •The results will be announced on a school website till 6th April,2007,
 5.Final decisions:
 •Decisions of contest committee are unquestionable,
 •Students, whose works do not come up to requirements mentioned in the  regulations will not take part in a contest,
 •Organisers reserve the right to publish students’ works.
 •The date of the final can be changed in justified circumstances.
 •The winners of the contest will be rewarded.
 •Rewards and diplomas will be sent by post.


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